Andalusia, South Spain

Whatever you may think about the history of Spain, Andalusia is a fantastic place which has jealously kept its secrets during a long time. Andalusia has striking similarities with North Africa in general and Morocco in particular, and has successfully married Arabic civilization with European one. The palaces in Alhambra, Sevilla or Granada are similar if not superior to the best monuments you can find in the Arab world, and Spaniards are as proud of La Giralda or Alhambra than any other monument in their country. In fact, Alhambra and Cortoba were among the 5 first Spanish sites added to the UNESCO world heritage in 1984. I hope you will enjoy these photos from Costa Del Sol (Marbella, Malaga, etc), Granada and Sevilla which were taken the first week of January when most of European capitals, including Madrid, were covered by snow.

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